Cancer metabolism & immunology

Goodman Cancer Research Centre | Department of Physiology | McGill University

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Research overview

Cancer is essentially a disease in which cells have lost their normal checks on cell proliferation. Our research program is focused on deciphering the biological perturbations that underlie the development and progression of cancer. Our laboratory has specific interest in studying: 1) how alterations in cellular metabolism and energy use contribute to tumourigenesis, and 2) how intrinsic metabolic control shapes immune responses.
Some of the major questions we are investigating include:

  • How do cancer cells fuel themselves?
  • How do cells adapt to metabolic stress during unchecked growth?
  • What are the key metabolic pathways used by T cells to fuel their growth?
  • What impact does the tumour microenvironment have on anti-tumour T cell responses?
  • Are metabolic pathways good targets for cancer therapy?