Cancer metabolism & immunology

Goodman Cancer Research Centre | Department of Physiology | McGill University

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By investigating the relationship between metabolism and cancer, we hope to gain greater knowledge about how biosynthesis and energy control is altered in cancer, which will help us develop novel and innovative approaches towards cancer prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.
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The McIntyre Building from Mont Royal
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Latest news

10-26-2017 Congratulations to Dr. Takla Griss on a successful PhD defense!

10-03-2017 Check out our new paper in which Rebecca and Bozena demonstrate a link between AMPK and mitochondrial ROS: AMPK Maintains Cellular Metabolic Homeostasis through Regulation of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species

08-28-2017 Thanks to Avi and Maddy for all your hard work in the lab this summer. We'll miss you!

Our Research

Fueling cancer

Metabolism to drive growth

Many cancer cells display dramatic changes in their metabolism. We are studying how growing cancer cells alter their metabolism to support enhanced growth, and are investigating whether unique metabolic pathways exist in cancer cells to promote growth.

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Metabolic control of immune cell function

Similar to cancer cells, proliferative cells of the immune system – such as T cells – reprogram their metabolism to fuel growth, proliferation, and effector function. We are examining the critical metabolic pathways for T cell proliferation and function, and studying the impact of these pathways on immunity.

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Tumour Immunology

Metabolic competition in the tumour microenvironment

The tumour microenvironment is a complex mix of cancer cells, stroma, and infiltrating tumour cells, each with distinct metabolic requirements. We are dissecting the relationship between these cells immune with the aim of enhancing anti-tumour therapy.

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